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Ed Ward

The Wrong Fight, II

Will the value of the past keep the artifact of the record alive? Part II of Ed Ward's article on why the music industry's battle against downloads doesn't matter.

m.c. schraefel

Thinking outside the click, II

"..if you don't have the time to hack through a huge set of keyword-matched pages, or if you don't know how to spell what you want, or if you don't know how to express what you want, then the information you may want is effectively invisible. "

Part II of m.c. schraefel's exploration of how to make the invisible visible.


The Ashbazu Effect by John G. McDaid:

After the bubble bursts, an unemployed word-hacker weeps at the cultural devastation wreaked by printing. A story of the first new media revolution.


Greg Beatty

Hello World

Intriguing, exemplary -- and dangerous. Sue Thomas's HELLO WORLD, Greg Beatty writes, "is a memoir and travelogue, a memoir of "a life online."

Adrian Miles

The Cinema Effect

Adrian Miles finds "Simple descriptions of wonderment, awe, and the proper, which most times become provocations for further theoretical embellishment" in Sean Cubitt's The Cinema Effect.

Brandon Barr

White graphics

"If you're looking for visual introduction to the breadth of emotional responses white can evoke within graphic design, Finke's book delivers." Brandon Barr reviews Gail Finke's White graphics: the power of white in graphic design.


What do you get when you put a collection of 300 or so really smart, engaged and opinionated individuals in a typical conference setting?

Frank Tansey reports from Bloggercon III

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