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TEKKA: the art of technology. Indispensable!

Cathy Marshall

Semantic Web

The Semantic Web is a nice idea. But so is connecting a hairclipper to a vacuum cleaner. Cathy Marshall wonders: Is it Safe?

Elin J. Sjursen

Here Be Matches

In their search for the formula for love, devoted developers of online dating are swimming in a fountain of dollars. But will the rest of us find love? Elin Sjursen shares her journey through some popular matchmaking websites


In Me++: The Cyborg Self and the Networked City the prophet of bits, William J. Mitchell, appears somewhat chastened. George P. Landow is not surprised: there's no free lunch.

It is the late 1990s and Computer Game Studies is not yet an academic discipline. The book we were looking for was More Than a Game, and Barry Atkins wrote it. Torill Mortensen asks: Did he miss his millennium?

Are you looking for ways to show, tell and share in an increasingly complex world of information and thought? While some things are not easily said, Mary Cavill finds inspiration in Visualizing Argumentation.

"This isn't the street, it is the gutter." Matthew Kirschenbaum explores a world of information bombs, nano-memes, channels and feeds in Ellis and Robertson's Transmetropolitan.

New Media

Got Voice? Karaoke Revolution doesn't mind it if you don't. Elin Sjursen shows you the way to stardom in Harmonix's cool Playstation game.

The Tekka Shop

New tools for new readers. Carefully selected events, hypertexts and new media, plus hard-to-find books.

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