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Anja Rau

Confessions of a binge-reader

Michael Joyce launched hyperfiction when he asked us, "Do you want to hear about it?" Lots of us answered, "No!" That's the point....

Mark Bernstein

My Friend, Hamlet

Even if we could experience Hamlet on the holodeck, it wouldn't work.

Long Night

"All TV is a lie," said the TV anchorman at the beginning of a very long night in Baden-Baden.

Lars Berquist's Beryll

Swedish font designer Lars Berquist was unsatisfied with look of type on the screen. His Beryll is designed for screens....

Way Back

"Satellite TV has brought time travel to my own living room," marvels media theorist Cathy Marshall as she watches reruns of The Match Game.

Blueprints: Bauhaus

There's not much architecture in Information Architecture, but Mark Bernstein suggests there could be.


Phony materials are rarely the key to beauty, but Painter simulates paper and paint to show us new ways to think about image.


Archives are the lumber-room of the past. It's easy to trip over something.


Howard Rheingold's Smart Mobs explores the impact of texting, blogging, and ubiquitous computing on everything.


If stress is status, long, leisurely weekends of reading create guilt. Three ambitious new works spread the load into daily morsels.


Using Tinderbox to plan Tekka. First in a series of Tinderbox tips.

In Brief

Short reviews of PepysThe Dark NileBlue Companypoésie à 2 mi-motsHarboring Wells

The Tekka Shop

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