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TEKKA: the art of technology. Indispensable!
Mark Stephen Meadows


"In Basra, a few days ago, I watched as a Baath party member was shot in the street. He was shot three times, then again, as he tried to crawl away. "

War, media, cultural memory, and an meeting with Salam Pax.

Cathy Marshall


Scenarios and personas are hot tools for software design and information architecture. Cathy Marshall observes that, in the world of design scenarios, laptops are never forgotten on the roofs of Audi station wagons. "A well-loved scenario thrives on deception."
Bill Bly


Artifactual fiction tells stories by letting the objects -- email messages, disk debris, letters -- speak for themselves. Bill Bly explores how storytellers make narrative without a narrator.
Aaron Swartz


Everyone knows that software demands incredible precision. To err is human, so bugs are inevitable. Or are they? Aaron Swartz profiles the work of D.J. Bernstein and examines a body of software that, over the years, has proven to be nearly bug-free.
Don Bosco (introduction: George P. Landow)

Fast City

A witty, combinatorial mosaic of modern urban life by Don Bosco, with an introduction by George P. Landow.


Boxing Digital Art: a review of Interfictions by Roberto Simanowski

Anja Rau

Narrative as Virtual Reality by Marie-Laure Ryan

Julian Kücklich

Spinning The Semantic Web leads Aaron Swartz to consider changing fields

Aaron Swartz

Stefan Mumaw's Simple: Web Sites tries to capture the design process by including annotated sketches and designer doodles preserved from client meetings. They're sometimes lovely and often hilarious

Sasha Kort


Tinder: Tekka, part 2 takes a closer look at using Tinderbox to create Tekka.

Mark Bernstein

Biz Stone takes iPhoto for a spin when covering a campus event, and reminds himself not to make sudden moves around the secret service.

Biz Stone


Web communities have become the slums of cyberspace. Mark Bernstein looks at three books that suggest architectures of renewal.

Mark Bernstein

New Media

Audio hypertext fiction? Anja Rau tries Gerne zuschauen, an audio CD by Anne Bösenberg and Hanna Linn Wiegel. It's a bit of a trial…

Anja Rau

"What I want to know is, what did the designers at Cornered Rat want to tell us when they created WW2 Online?" Mark Bernstein spends a sleepless night tramping through the fields of Belgium and files this report.

Mark Bernstein

Distant Links

Japan: ISEA 2002

Megan Heward

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