Volume 1 Number 4
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John Makeni

Morning at Lazards Cybercafe

John Makeni spends many mornings at Lazards in downtown Nairobi. It's 6:30 in the Nairobi morning and it's still chilly, but the sun is already brutal, and the street children are already out.

Mark Stephen Meadows

São Levitt

In the Portuguese fishing village of Ericeira, the Rua Campo leads from cobbled streets to brand-new (and already-decaying) apartment blocks with five hundred front doors. A parable of the factory and workshop for the craft of software design.

Sue Karlin

Conference Survival

Conference are like battles, except with better parties.


Anja Rau looks at three introductions to weblogs, and picks a surprising favorite.

Anja Rau

Two books on the body in art culture: one drawn from museum galleries and performance art, the other from sex in advertising. Guess which one is more accessible? Guess which one smells?

Anja Rau

New Media

Mark Bernstein says that "Business is a tough game. But, if you're going to make it in this racket, you've got to respect the honesty of the audience."

Mark Bernstein

"Coover demands we make meaning by isolating and joining individual elements. The pleasure of Culture in Webs is how it takes what is essentially a linear argument, the notion of interconnectedness, and gradually develops it in a less and less linear fashion. "

Jimmy Guterman

Game designer Greg Costikyan takes on two complex and challenging political simulations: Europa Universalis II and Victoria. He calls them "games for smart people."

Greg Costikyan

Educational game designer Scot Osterweil (The Zoombinis) takes a close look at the notorious Grand Theft Auto III: Vice City — and likes what he sees.

Scot Osterweil


My Life With Master, a role-playing game, offers interesting insights into genre and intriguing opportunities for experimental hypertext narrative.

Mark Bernstein

DENIM lets you sketch the design of a Web site -- literally. Sometimes, unpolished is good.

Anja Rau


A generation of web designers, information architects, and Information Technology managers has been trained to believe that ornamentation on the Web is frivolous, unbusinesslike, and unusable. This is a mistake...

Mark Bernstein

The Tekka Shop

New tools for new readers. Carefully selected events, hypertexts and new media, plus hard-to-find books.

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