ISSN 1548-5374 Volume 2 Number 4
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Diane Greco

The Discourse of Diet Blogs

Diets: Private, or public? Is your diet private, or a public act? Diane Greco looks at how blogging affects our desire for self-transformation.

Ed Ward

The Wrong Fight

Ed Ward on why the music industry battle against downloads doesn't matter.

m.c. schraefel

Thinking outside the click

The Semantic Web: A postmodern tool for getting at the Truth? A resource for serendipitous discovery? Self-publication? m.c. schraefel asks: Is the Semantic Web the next step in the Web's evolutionary process?

Hypertext Fiction

Finding the story in a networked fiction can, at times, be a daunting task. Stuart Moulthrop, hyperfiction pioneer in both critical theory and creative practice, trains two searchlights on the plot of his new netart, Marginal Effects: A Disorder of Attention.

Stuart Moulthrop


When J. Nathan Matias finds out that his manilla accordion file is slightly smaller than infinite, he goes digital. Peek into his Tinderbox for tips and tricks to see how he researches and writes creative nonfiction using hypertext.

J. Nathan Matias


Stuart Moulthrop reviews Brendal Laurel's Design Research: Methods and Perspectives

Stuart Moulthrop

Frank Ricardo reviews David Thorburn and Henry Jenkins, eds., Rethinking Media: The Aesthetics of Transition

Francisco Ricardo

Jill Walker reviews Nick Montfort's Twisty Little Passages

Jill Walker


The Hypertext Readings at ACM Hypertext '04: The opening of new avenues of writing and reading? Judy Malloy reports.

Judy Malloy

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