Volume 1 Number 3
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TEKKA: the art of technology. Indispensable!

Tatiana Nikolova-Houston

Byzantine Hypertexts

Hypertexts from the eleventh century! Tatiana Nikolova-Houston takes a close look at the hypertextuality of early Slavic manuscripts.

Torill Elvira Mortensen

The Digital Juggler

Torill Mortensen finds lessons from the schoolyard that are transforming the way we work -- and the way we think about computer interfaces.

Hossein Derakhshan

Blogs Make Them Feel Free

Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan has had his weblog blocked in Iran, but reports that weblogs are flourishing as an outlet for politics, for dating -- and for learning what goes on where you, yourself, cannot go.



Bugs are part of the software world. Two recent books on bugs are poles apart: one tells testers how to get along with programmers, while the other represents a former tester's bitter revenge.

Mark Stephen Meadows

Loot, Part Two

"I would have liked to have been in Baghdad when the museum was looted."

Mark Meadows reports from Iraq.

New Media

Donna Leishman presents The Possession of Christian Shaw, with introduction by Diane Greco

Donna Leishman


Writing Machines, by N. Katherine Hayles, argues that "the medium constructs the work and the work constructs the medium." "Unfortunately," Diane Greco observes, "Writing Machines is, methodologically, a bit of a Pilgrim's Progress wherein Hayles, like Bunyan, draws conclusions only on the basis of evidence from her own experience."

Diane Greco

In Digital Convergence, Steve Curran explores steps toward interactive television.

Christine Goldbeck

The Art of Interactive Design, by game designer Chris Crawford.

Scot Osterweil

David Greene's Motion Graphics: How Did They Do That? entices Christina Pillsbury

Christina Pillsbury

Jessica Pressman discusses Digital Media Revisited, a plump new anthology.

Jessica Pressman

Curt Cloninger reads The New Media Reader.

Curt Cloninger

It might seem an unsual title for Tekka, but Ed Blachman argues that A Guide for the Young Economist deserves a place on the bookshelf next to classics such as Strunk & White and right beside Kernighan & Plauger.



Anja Rau was impressed by the technology at the TIDSE Conference in Darmstadt, but the off-the-shelf EyeToy really brings her to her feet.

Anja Rau

Doug Miller built a personal business dashboard in Tinderbox, including a smarter ToDo list and sharable RSS headlines for his daily schedule. Here's how.

Rob McNair-Huff

There's no time like your first time, and Apple sure knows how to script a dramatic entrance.

Anja Rau

Distant Links

Sedona: Digital Storytelling

Mark Bernstein

Vienna: BlogTalk

Oliver Wrede and Anja Rau

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