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TEKKA: the art of technology. Indispensable!

Derrick Story

Digital Storytelling

Derrick Story shares lessons learned: "Once your readers are hooked, they will want more information." How picturing a good story can enhance your photography skills.

Shenja van der Graaf

You're so Money, Baby

Erotic, intelligent and creative, Suicidegirls are women with something to say. Exploring the branding of a community, van der Graaf reveals why networks sell better than individuals.

Merelo, Ruiz, Tricas

Spanish Blogosphere

What makes a Spanish blog? Juan J. Merelo, Victor Ruiz and Fernando Tricas discover and map the emergence of a rapidly growing online community.


"Ever since artists began using computers as tools for making art, innovations have been as numerous as snowflakes in January." But which innovations are truly unforgettable? Greco finds answers in her review of Christiane Paul's Digital Art.

Diane Greco

" ...the scope of Women, Art, and Technology is refreshingly wide." But in spite of its breadth, did this book satisfy Plant's appetite?

Sadie Plant

"Jay David Bolter has done it again ... teaming up with Diane Gromola, he produces an important argument about both computer interfaces and digital art." George P. Landow reviews Windows and Mirrors.

George P. Landow

We haven't left Spain just yet. Crossing time and cultures, hypertext theory adept Tosca discovers the true pearls in literatura hipertextual y teoría literaria.

Susana P. Tosca

New Media

"Nobody knows who is creating The Footage, or why. Theories abound. Is it a promotional stunt for a new feature film? A work in progress? A new form of performance art?" Bernstein opens the window to Gibson's alluring Pattern Recognition.

Mark Bernstein

"Recently, a raft of shady enterprises has begun to create bogus referrer logs entries or referrer spam. What seem, at first, to be weblogs that link to your writing turn out, instead, to be advertisements for quack medicines or gambling services." Bernstein and Rau look at the latest waves in comment spam.

Mark Bernstein and Anja Rau

Not all games are about winning. Helen Kennedy plays Clan Lord, a social MMOPRG.

Helen Kennedy


How good can a dance game be, that relies on the player moving her arms, not her legs? Get into the groove with Rau.

Anja Rau


Design has power. Design has consequences. Design is challenging. Brenda Laurel calls for muscular design.

Brenda Laurel

The Tekka Shop

New tools for new readers. Carefully selected events, hypertexts and new media, plus hard-to-find books.

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