Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Win a Tinderbox Troll - it is SPRING!

"Jamaica!" Ms. Bliss Peaceful smiled and nodded towards Ms. Orange Elegance, who disagreed. "I'd say Paris in April," she insisted, "It's Tinderbox weekend soon!" The Tinder Trolls were competing to come up with the most lovely destination for a mid April weekend getaway. "THAT WAS MY IDEA" hissed Mr. Angry Bishop, waving his note in front of Ms. Orange Elegance's nose. "YOU READ MY NOTES!" As you can imagine, TEKKA's headquarters sometimes get a little heated; today, nobody agreed on the perfect April getaway. Where is YOUR favorite April destination?

Tell us where and why, and send us a link: We'll post entries here at TEKKAlogue. If you'd like to win a troll, include your name and address!