Friday, December 17, 2004


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For immediate release: Bishop Angry Green to join Tinctoris

Watertown, December 17.

Early this morning, Bishop Angry Green's application for a transfer from TEKKAlogue's headquarter to Tinctoris was considered and accepted during a staff meeting. Bishop Angry Green wrote in his application that Miss Bliss Peaceful, in spite of numerous warnings and angry hisses, had continued to aggravate him with her thoughtful, calm expression. Unfortunately, this irreconcilable conduct of behavior from Miss Bliss Peaceful has made it impossible for Bishop Angry Green to concentrate on his note taking.

TEKKAlogue's staff will miss Bishop Angry Green tremendously, but agreed that a transfer is the best solution due to these special circumstances. We know Jeffrey Radcliffe at Tinctoris will take good care of Bishop Angry Green so that he can concentrate on his note taking once again.

Congratulations to Jeffrey Radcliffe, may your new Tinder Troll inspire. Bishop Angry Green has been wrapped in a sound proof box and shipped to your office.

Sincerely, TEKKAlogue Staff

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A baby daughter!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

A baby daughter!

Pinky Widegrin and Buggy Yellownose both volunteered to travel to Denmark this morning, to cover the birth of Susana Tosca's daughter for TEKKAlogue. "I should be chosen because, " said Pinky Widegrin, "I will smile my friendliest smile and tiny baby girls love pink". "That's not true," protested Buggy firmly, "but even if it were, I should be chosen because I have the biggest nose, which will detect upcoming diaper shifts before any great harm is done!" Miss Yellownose added that she thought the newborn's mother would most certainly have a strong preference for this kind of help and Tindertroll skill-set, while Miss Widegrin confidently and quietly let her teeth shine while demonstrating her big, friendly smile.

TEKKAlogue wishes both daughter and mother well - congratulations! A Tindertroll is on its way.

Win a Tinderbox Troll - it is SPRING!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Win a Tinderbox Troll - it is SPRING!

"Jamaica!" Ms. Bliss Peaceful smiled and nodded towards Ms. Orange Elegance, who disagreed. "I'd say Paris in April," she insisted, "It's Tinderbox weekend soon!" The Tinder Trolls were competing to come up with the most lovely destination for a mid April weekend getaway. "THAT WAS MY IDEA" hissed Mr. Angry Bishop, waving his note in front of Ms. Orange Elegance's nose. "YOU READ MY NOTES!" As you can imagine, TEKKA's headquarters sometimes get a little heated; today, nobody agreed on the perfect April getaway. Where is YOUR favorite April destination?

Tell us where and why, and send us a link: We'll post entries here at TEKKAlogue. If you'd like to win a troll, include your name and address!

50 TinderTrolls see

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

50 TinderTrolls see

It's raining, it's boring, the old Troll is snoring...

Much ado at Tekka's headquarters today. As you may know, genuine Trolls tend to burst when exposed to sunlight. The constant stream of rain outside our windows here the last week, affectionately sweeping our dusty Boston streets, has lured hordes of Tinderbox Trolls out from their hiding places.

"Oh, look, the editor is surfing Brevity's Flickr tool!" shouted Blipper, carefully placing a pink rose behind her ear. "I, too, want to be in a 50 People See picture!" Suddenly there was chaos. Mr. Gentle Horns, who likes to hide behind "The Power of Many" on the bookshelf, slid down the wire and lined up behind her. "Hey, take a picture of me too!" begged Miss Tall GreenEared. Mr. Shy Red suddenly got an idea, a sly smile slowly curving his lips. "What are you smiling about?" asked Miss Bunnynosed, patiently taking the spot behind him. Mr. Shy Red remained silent. "She'll just take a note of my idea" he thought to himself, trying to make himself more invisible behind Miss Tall GreenEared. The line grew and grew. "Come on, take a picture! Send us to Mr. Brevity, we want to be in 50 People See!" shouted Mr. Short&Angry from the back of the line.

But why send a picture when you can send a Tinderbox Troll? Neil Kandalgaonkar is the winner of April's Tinderbox Troll. Congratulations!